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SpinClean Auto 50 PRO

Pondxpert SpinClean Auto 50 PRO

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  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 60 x 60 x 81.5cm

  • Volume: 170 litres

  • UVC power: 55W

  • Guarantee: 3 years

  • Power cable length: 5 metres (1 x cable only)

  • Max. pond volume: 50,000 litres (25,000 litres if keeping koi)

  • Max waterfall height: 3 metres (10’)

  • Inlet/outlet hose size: 32/38/50mm



Suitable for ornamental ponds AND koi ponds!

A new product for the 2019/20 season, the Spinclean Auto 50 PRO is a new addition to the Spinclean AUTO range, allowing for usage with considerably larger ponds and even for filtering ponds stocked with Koi fish.

This model comes with a substantially larger chamber (volume 170 litres), the primary difference in size being down the outer skin area containing X2 biomedia. The tumbling motion in this part of the filter encourages more healthy bacteria to grow.

This model retains the easy cleaning functions of the other Spinclean Auto models. Once the filter has became full of dirt, the red cleaning indicator will display. From there, simply switch off the pump and turn the outlet to 'waste'. The cleaning paddle will then be activated for three minutes, clearing the foam of debris. Once completed, switch the pump back on to remove the remaining dirty water.

This super easy-clean feature reduces the frequency of a full clean.

The dislodged waste exits the filter via the waste outlet.

Removes the physical effort required with other pond filters.


Effective mechanical filtration via seven layers of filter foam:
- 4 x fine (yellow)
- 3 x coarse (blue)

One touch AUTO clean system
While pump is running simply twist blue cleaning dial to ‘clean’ setting
Motorised cleaning arm agitates foam surfaces dislodging dirt particles.
Dirty water runs off to drain via dedicated waste outlet.
Two cartridges of 45mm diameter biosphere bio media begin biological breakdown process.

Hand-crafted extra large fibreglass chamber containing X1 bio media acts as a ‘floating bed’ encouraging healthy bacterial growth.
35 Litres of X1 media included. Max. recommended chamber capacity of X1 bio media is 60 litres.

NOTE: UVC bulb included.


  • Max Koi Pond Size - 25000 litres

  • Max Pond Size - 50000 litres

  • Max Flow - 16000 lph

  • UV Wattage - 55 w

  • Inlet Size - 32, 38/40, 50 mm

  • Max Pond Size - 50000 litres
  • Max Flow - 16000 lph
  • UV Wattage - 55 w
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