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Prymax Pond Sealer BLACK

1kg Prymax Pond Sealer BLACK

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Prymax is an easy to apply liquid polyurethane that forms a hard but flexible plastic seal on almost any porous surface.

Treat your rendered pond to a coat of armour; sealing out moisture and lime, consolidating fragile surfaces and leaving a tough, hardwearing glosscoat.

For a full pond coating system use 2 coats of Prymax clear and 2 coats of Prymax coloured.

A specially formulated all-in-one moisture cured polyurethane sealer for sealing concrete rendered ponds under the water line, Prymax Marine Clear Seal should be used above the waterline and for paving around the pond.

For damp proofing internal render, plaster, plasterboard and sealing dusty concrete floors, can be used externally on walls if overpainted to protect from UV. Can be used to coat internal woodwork.


One pack, ready for use.

Hard wearing, durable and long lasting.

Non-absorbent, easily cleaned reducing maintenance.

Unaffected by water, oils and most common chemicals

Quick and easy application.

Technical information:

Prymax Pond and Damp sealer is designed to be applied in 3 thin coats with the second and third coats being applied when the previous coat is tacky to touch, for colours 2 coats of clear followed by 2 coats of colour all applied within 3 hours of each other, if more than 3 hours has elapsed then it must be left for 24 hours and sanded down before applying further coats.

Coverage: 3 coats of clear 500gms for the 3 coats, for colour 400gms of clear for 2 coats and 400gms of colour for 2 coats.

Drying Time: 45 – 60 minutes @ 20 Degrees C / 70% relative humidity

Full Cure & Chemical resistance: 72 hours Light

Traffic: 12 hours

Shelf Life: 24 months in unopened sealed container, once opened product will begin to cure.

Flash Point: 27℃

Viscosity: 250-500 cps Specific

Gravity: 0.95

Cleaning: Clean equipment with Prymax thinners, prymax cleaner or acetone

Preparation: All surfaces to be coated must be dry and porous new concrete render should be given 21- 28 days to fully cure before coating, if a water proofer has be added to render sand down surface to obtain a key and remove residual water proofer, repair any cracks in the surface before coating, remove any loose plaster.

Limitations: Prymax Pond / Damp Sealer is not recommended for hard dense tiles or power floated floors, bitumen, rubber, vinyl and other plastic flooring.

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