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Oase Biosmart/Biotec discharge pipe

Oase Biosmart/Biotec discharge pipe

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Oase Biosmart/Biotec Discharge Pipe
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Genuine Oase discharge pipe for the Biosmart and Biotec range of box filters. Specific to Oase filters only and no other plumbing fitting will fit.
  • Oase Biosmart and Biotec discharge pipe.
  • This pipe is unique to Oase filters and you will not be able use any other plumbing pipe.
  • They come in 480mm lengths. A tight rubber seal within the pipe connector insures a tight seal. If you struggle to sldie the pipe on use a silicone fish freindly lube, do not use washing up liquid. Sometimes just wetting the seal with water is good enough.
  • This is the only part of an Oase system set that does not come with a kit.
  • This pipe comes in 3 different sizes, 50mm, 70mm and 110mm.
  • 50mm - Biosmart 7000
  • 70mm - Biosmart 14000, 18000, 24000, 36000
  • 70mm - Biotec 40000, 60000, 90000
  • 110mm - Biotec 140000

Oase 45 and 87.5 deg Bends are also available.


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