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Kockney Koi Double Wire Hose Clips

1 x Kockney Koi Double Wire Hose Clips

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These unique hose clips are manufactured exclusively for Kockney Koi and are available in double wire or banded clip style.

The double wire clips (shown above) are cadmium plated for extra durability while the banded clips are made from stainless steel.

The thumb-turn handles can be removed after fitting to provide extra security.

Both types of clips are supplied singular or in boxes of ten.

Both types are individually colour coded for easy size recognition Colour


Colour  Fits hose Flat Band Clips Doulble Wire clips
Blue  3/8" 8-12mm 8-12mm
Green 1/2" 12-20mm 16-20mm
Yellow 3/4" 16-25mm 20-25mm
Orange 1" 20-32mm 24-32mm
Red 1.25" 25-40mm 32-40mm
Black 1.5" 30-45mm 37-45mm
Dark Blue 1.75" & 2" 40-60mm 52-60mm



Flexible Hose Clips (Eze Tight)

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