Pond Plants IN-STORE

Pond Plant Update! 



Hello to all,

In stock....

Horwort floating bunches

Lillies - pink, red, white

Pistia stratiotes aloides - water lettuce

1ltr Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum - Water cress NATIVE

1ltr Mentha cervina - Spearmint

1ltr Lysimachia 'Sunburst'

1ltr Sisyrinchium californicum

1ltr Typha angustifolia

1ltr Typha minima

1ltr Gunnera manicata

2ltr Eleocharis acicularis OXY

2ltr Myriophyllum red stem OXY

2ltr Myriophyllum crispatum - Upright water milfoil OXY 

1ltr Houttuynia cordata 'BOO BOO' (pink edged leaves)

Also in stock.....

1ltr Acorus gramineus Ogon - Golden variegated slewnder sweet flag

1ltr Juncus effusus spiralis - Corkscrew rush

1ltr Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo' - variegated water dropwart

1ltr Equisetum hyemale - Dutch rush NATIVE

1ltr Scirpus cernuus OXY - Fibre optic plant

3ltr Scirpus cernuus OXY - Fibre optic plant

3ltr White Pond Lily, also yellow, pink and red.

1ltr Iris psuedacorus 'Alba' - creamy white

1ltr Lynchnis flos-cuculi - Dwarf ragged robin (pink) NATIVE

1ltr Myosotis scorpiodes - water for-get-me-nots NATIVE - sold out

1ltr Ranunculus flammula - Lesser spearwort (yellow dainty flowers) NATIVE

3ltr Mazus reptans - Chinese marshflower (blue flowers)

1ltr Houttuynia cordata 'Plena' orange peel plant

1ltr Iris pseudacorus bastardii - lemon

1ltr Lychnisflos-cuculi 'White Robin' 

1ltr Physostegia virginiana - Pink or mauve flowers

1ltr Carex muskingumensis - Musk sedge

1ltr Glyceria maxima variegata - Reed Sweet Grass NATIVE

1ltr Gratiola officinalis - Hedge hyssop 

1ltr Iris ensata - Rose queen (pink)

1ltr Mentha aquatica - Water mint NATIVE

1ltr Mentha pulegium - pennyroyal NATIVE

1ltr Rumex sanguineus - Bloodwort or Wood dock NATIVE

1ltr Carex acuta - Slender-tuffed sedge NATIVE

1ltr Phalaris arun var picta - Gardeners garters

1ltr Hydrocotyle nova zealand - Miniture pennywort OXY

1ltr Marsilea quadrifolia - Water Shamrock or Upright water clover OXY

1ltr Pontederia cordata (Pickerel weed)

1ltr Badellia ranunculoides - Lesser water plantain NATIVE

1ltr Eupatorium cannanbinum - Hemp agrimony NATIVE

1ltr Lythrum salicaria - Purple loosestrife NATIVE

1ltr Ranunculus lingua Grandiflorus - Greater spearwort NATIVE

1ltr Veronica beccabunga - Brooklime NATIVE

1ltr Fontinalis antipyretica - Willow moss NATIVE


Also probably a few more thats not listed, your welcome to come take a look theyre all outside.