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1ltr Anti Sludge THE Pond Doctor

1ltr Anti Sludge THE Pond Doctor

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  • Clean water treatment
  • Beneficial organisms remove fish waste and reduce sludge
  • Helps improve filter performance in both new and existing set-ups
  • Wildlife friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Available in various sizes; 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr & 2.5Ltr
  • 10ml Treats 225 Litres

TAP Pond Doctor Anti Sludge clean water solution is a scientifically developed concentration of beneficial organisms which perform the important function of disposing of fish waste. Pond Clean also boosts the performance of biological filters improving the removal of dangerous Nitrite and Ammonia from fish waste.

WHY USE Anti Sludge?
Pond Doctor Anti Sludge is a very advanced product designed to consume fish waste, decrease sedimentation, remove pollution, greatly reduce the need for cleaning and help to keep your pond sparkling clean. Quickly boosting biological filters in new pond set-ups and improves the performance of existing pond filtration systems.

Add 10ml per 225 Litres (50 gallons) of pond water.

1) Shake bottle and remove white cap (Measure side).
2) Squeeze to fill measure
3) Pour into pond. Add to any pond after treatment has been used to restore a natural balance.

Please always add treatments with sufficient time to observe fish behaviour.

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